FPA welcomes FASEA accreditation of CFP

The Financial Advisers Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) may have moved up in the Financial Planning Association’s (FPA’s) books after the regulatory body chose to award the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) program two credits earlier this week.

Alongside qualifying for recognition of prior learning, the CFP Certification Program also received recognition for up to four credits with many universities for existing Master of Financial Planning programs.

FPA chief executive, Dante De Gori, said the announcement acknowledged that the CFP designation continued to be the globally recognised “gold standard” in advice, given research showed those who worked with a CFP professional felt more confident in achieving their financial goals.

The decision would mean financial planners who started and subsequently completed the FPA’s five unit CFP Certification Program since semester 2, 2003, would receive two credits for the appropriate existing adviser pathways set out in FASEA’s Education Standard.

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Sorry Dante, but I believe you may have upset a large number of your CFP members. What ever happened to your 'masters' equivalent designation? Considering you could have completed a post-graduate degree in that time, does the FPA acknowledge it to be an entire waste of time and money?

Just resign and go away.

Dante and his team need to go - complete clean out including the head of policy.

And what about the CFPs who achieved CFP by using any number of other pathways since 2001 - eg. for foreign CFPs to get Au recognition and CFP status who did the CFP certification exam + ethics, those who did the original 4 unit CFP program which is for all intents and purposes the same as the 5 unit program etc. What about those CFPs Dante? This didn't do the 5 unit CFP program. Are there now classes of CFPs that are somehow better than others? All CFPs since 2001 should be treated equally. Why aren't they?

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