FPA and AFA take on Gov together

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) have continued their unified response to the post-Banking Royal Commission and professionalisation reforms industry landscape, yesterday meeting together with Senator Jane Hume.

According to the FPA, the two groups discussed “all things financial planning, including FASEA [the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority], the Royal Commission, and the Government’s agenda for the upcoming term of Parliament” with Hume, the new Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology.

FPA chief executive, Dante De Gori, praised the unified approach on LinkedIn, with both groups having been equally represented at the meeting as himself, FPA chair Marisa Broome, AFA president Marc Bineham, and AFA chief executive Philip Kewin all attended.

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“Thank you to new Minister Senator Jane Hume for a great meeting. Thanks to the AFA team in agreeing to do this meeting jointly as it helps to promote unity and solidarity for the profession,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “Many important issues raised and discussed and we look forward to continuing the dialogue to achieve workable and practical outcomes for members.”

This followed the two member groups announcing a joint taskforce into the Life Insurance Framework and making an application, jointly with the SMSF Association, to become the financial advice industry’s code-monitoring body.

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Stop it FPA you never supported Financial Advisers during the Royal Commission and your members will be leaving in their droves.This is nothing more than a PR exercise for the FPA trying to repair their damage reputation and self interesting agenda, well that ship has long sailed. Fair play to the AFA who did come out and support its members.

Great to see FPA and AFA working more closely together.

Continued cooperation should set things up nicely for a merger in 2024, when adviser numbers are thinned out and everyone is on a similar educational baseline due to FASEA.

On the FPA payroll???

Nope. They're on mine. I pay them $1,095 pa. Much of which has been wasted money over the years. Some of it still is, but things are getting better.

When a struggling organisation (or employee) does something well, I believe it should be acknowledged and encouraged. Constant moaning about the past achieves nothing.

don't think they'll make it to 2024. ethical planners are leaving due to their conflicted remuneration payments from the big end of town.

Which conflicted remuneration payments? I thought the FPA got rid of corporate memberships.

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