Finder launches bitcoin trading

A comparison site normally associated with mortgages has now added a bitcoin trading feature.

Finder had announced it now had the ability to buy and sell bitcoin via its Finder app, which the company said had been downloaded over 215,000 times.

Finder partnered with Monoova to automate transactions in the app via a secure API.

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A survey of just over a thousand people from the firm found that 25% either own or plan to buy cryptocurrency by the end of the year, despite 20% not knowing how to buy it.

Fred Schebesta, Finder co-founder, said there is a lot of hype and misunderstanding about the biggest name in crypto.

“Now more than ever, Australians interested in buying Bitcoin need a name they can trust to make the process secure and easy,” Schebesta said.

“We’ve been helping customers make better financial decisions for 15 years on everything from credit cards to car insurance, and crypto came into the fold in 2017.

“We now compare more than 100 cryptocurrencies, 45 exchanges and 70 different wallets, so we know this space – and the concerns Aussies have about it – well.”

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