FASEA approves courses from Victoria Uni

The Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) has approved the Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning offered by Victoria University, as well as three bridging courses. 

The three approved bridging courses offered by Victoria University were:

  • BAO7008 Financial Advice, Corporations and Commercial Law;
  • BAO7005 Professionalism and Ethics; and
  • BAO7007 Behavioural Finance for Financial Advisers

Advisers who complete the graduate diploma or bridging courses would meet the education standard.

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FASEA’s review of the graduate diploma and bridging courses followed an application from the higher education provider and were recognition of the alignment with FASEA’s required curriculum and standards.

The approved courses would be added to a future Degree, Qualifications and Courses legislative instrument.

Stephen Glenfield, FASEA chief executive, said the approval of these additional courses built on the body of courses approved by FASEA and provided additional choice to advisers seeking to meet the education standard.

“The support and commitment from all higher education providers is integral to the raising of the standards in the Financial Advice profession,” Glenfield said.

Since 2017, FASEA had approved 199 programs and courses which comprised:

  • 78 historical degrees and courses;
  • 67 current bachelor or higher degrees; and
  • 54 bridging courses.

The courses were offered by 27 higher education providers around the country.

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Who care what FASEA approves?

This is September 2021 and this Education provider has only recently put forward it's courses for approval. Pretty embarrassing for Victoria Uni..... What's the story? Are Universities purposely trying to refrain from trying to get their historical courses approved by FASEA so that they can push these ex students into a NEW course.

Who is FASEA and what academic credentials does it have to accredit curriculum?

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