Brimble resigns FPEC chairmanship

Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) board member, Dr Mark Brimble has resigned his position as chairman of the Financial Planning Association initiated Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC).
The FPA confirmed Brimble's resignation late today.
The statement said his resignation had followed FASEA's announcement of its decision to adopt FPEC's framework and course approval list.
The resignation comes amid heated debate about guidance issued by FASEA around the framework and course approval list.
Sharon Taylor, Senior Lecturer at Western Sydney University and current Deputy Chair of FPEC, will be acting as Chair until the FPA Board appoint a suitable replacement.

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This is the right thing to do. Mr Brimble is too conflicted to hold this post. Much damage has been done. We met with a financial planning colleague with a PhD (Finance), lawyer, CFP and highly regarded client-centric professional who will have to "go back to school" under the current proposal. Ridiculous. Whilst the resignation is noted, it will take many years for Griffith University to earn back their stripes. By extension, Mr Brimble's FASEA board membership must also surely be untenable.

Sounds like professional jealousy Private.
Brimble's resignation from FPEC is appropriate but his position on the govt appointed FASEA Board is hardly in question.
Probably agree that the NARROW definition around qualifying pre-existing education (and the FPA's absolute failure to give CFP status any credence at all), is a matter that should be given much attention, but trying to knock Griffith for its successes seems a stretch! Remarkable how they have trumped so many other institutions in this space.

Why is his position on FASEA also not open to scrutiny? His resignation already shows he has accepted a conflict. Why isn't he conflicted on FASEA? For PHD academics who have spent their lives lecturing us on governance issues and ethics, then I see no reason why he shouldn't explain his position and thoughts in full. There are others as well, so hopefully his example sees them come forward.

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