Boutique fund manager expands its product offering

Boutique fund manager, Prime Value Asset Management, has broadened its product offering by adding Australian equities products, introducing niche investments in asset classes such as cash and income securities and including alternative assets.

This followed the appointment of founder of Tasmanian financial planning firm Garrisons, John Sikkema, as the company’s chair two years ago.

The manager launched a new enhanced cash fund on 1 August 2019, the Prime Value Diversified High Yield Fund, which aims to deliver five per cent annual income returns to investors.

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As well as Australian equity funds, the firm now offers enhanced cash funds, agriculture funds, an infrastructure fund and a mortgage fund. 

Sikemma said: "Prime Value knows its strength is being creative at bringing products which are suitable for investors but may not be available elsewhere.

“Financial planners have had few options in asset classes like infrastructure and agriculture – Prime Value wants to change that.”

Prime Value chief executive Yak Yong Quek said the firm would always be a niche boutique, with a goal to move from small to mid-sized, not to become large.

“Prime Value has never just been about the numbers – certainly not numbers for numbers sake.

“Rather than targeting lots of financial planners Prime Value is looking for boutique planners which share common values. We want to be a niche player and find other financial planners which are niche.”



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