Banking commissions needs to stop: ISA

10 October 2016

Banks need to cease paying all commissions and incentives by 2020 as a way to restore confidence to the banking system, Industry Super Australia (ISA) believes.

ISA's chief executive, David Whiteley, urged a comprehensive ban on all incentives and commissions paid to all employees by all banks, including cashiers, business bankers, and financial advisers.

"In particular, banks should not be paying anyone a sales incentive to sell compulsory superannuation. The banks are simply not going to be able to re-build trust with the public and parliament through their own devices," he said.

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"A decision by the banks to cease paying all incentives by 1 January, 2020, including all grandfathered commissions, is the circuit breaker needed to send a clear signal to the Australian community, parliament and regulators that the banks will stop cross-selling and up-selling superannuation and other products to consumers when it is not in their best interests."

Whiteley said the trust and confidence in compulsory super was compromised by the poor conduct of the banks.

"It is imperative that compulsory super was quarantined from the governance and conduct failures of the banks," he said.

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Of course they do, so the ISN and friends can get their grubby little hands on more Australians money, kill off small business and then run a Socialist State controlled by the militant Unions, why are Australians so bloody apathetic? Probably because they have had it too good for too long.

Start declaring commissions you receive on Life Insurance, ISA!

Just another opportunistic attack on small business, financial planners. They don't like the scrutiny. This is payback for the advisers who have exposed the flaws in industry fund life insurance. They want to keep the gravy train rolling but don't want the accountability.

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