Astute Wealth Advice and Lumiant reach agreement over copyright concerns

Advice platforms Astute Wealth Advice and Lumiant have reached an agreement over copyright concerns regarding Lumiant’s Confidence Questionnaire.

Astute Wealth Advice sent a cease and desist after it alleged it copied AstuteWheel’s 5-Minute Financial Health Check.

Hans Egger, AstuteWheel managing director, said: “In response to the concerns raised in our letter, I am pleased that Lumiant has complied and has removed all offending material from its platform and has agreed to disable all third-party access to the Questionnaire, delete all electronic records of it, inform all clients of the breach and desist from reproducing AstuteWheel’s 5-Minute Financial Health Check. Lumiant has fully co-operated with us, and we now consider the matter closed”.

Lumiant had no further comment on the matter.

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