Advisers should focus on simplifying decision making: white paper

Simplifying decision-making and transitional career work are among core elements advisers need to focus on when it comes to planning the retirement of midlife clients, according to a white paper.

Longevity lifestyle planning business Full Time Lives has released its ‘5 Tips to igniting your retirement services’ white paper and micro-learning app to help inform advisers on how to better inform midlife clients on planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement.

The customer insight in the white paper was based on Full Time Lives’ interviews with hundreds of midlife professionals transitioning to retirement, as senior professionals who had not planned their daily lifestyle after flourishing careers struggled to find their new sense of purpose and identity on their own.

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Author Natalie Yan-Chatonsky’s researched “blue zones”, those communities where the average life expectancy was higher than the national average.

“The launch of the white paper coincides with public scrutiny into systemic ageism and the need to redefine how midlife Australians can be better prepared for latter life and work transition,” the firm said.

“The recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission are a reminder that quality of life also means experiencing joy in the day-to-day.”

The white paper said clients going through a midlife transition were confronting uncertainty about careers, money and lifestyle – possibly for the first time in decades.

“Today those decisions are more complex than ever before and the range of options ever wider,” the whitepaper said.

“Your ability to help the client make intelligent, fully-informed and risk-managed decisions will be more valuable now than ever before (and ever again).”

It also discussed planning for a transition from full-time work to part-time work, starting a business or a portfolio career.

“Some clients might want to know how you can you help them fund such a move without risking their retirement capital or affecting their estate planning,” it said.

“Others might want your help to reorient their whole strategy towards the business – your advice and judgement will be a crucial assistance here.”

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A good illustration of the value and worth of good professional financial advisors.

Pretty much what we do day in, day out when I’m not getting reamed with paperwork. Except we spell it Advisers, we aren’t American.

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