Advisers’ tech usage cause for concern, Netwealth says

30 May 2018

Intention has not translated into action for advice practices when it comes to the adoption and implementation of new technologies, the second annual Netwealth AdviceTech research report has shown.

Netwealth joint managing director Matt Heine said the survey, which gathered feedback from over 300 wealth professionals across 26 AdviceTech categories, also showed that only 14.10 per cent of advice practices believed that “technology is pervasive in all customer engagements”.

“This is far from ideal when you consider our customers engage online every day with Facebook, Google and Amazon,” Heine said.

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“Our new competitors are not other advice practices or financial institutions, but customer-obsessed tech companies. These companies have a laser-focus on customer engagement, delivering a seamless and highly personalised user experience anytime, anywhere.”

Heine said the survey found that usage rates for many of the 26 AdviceTech categories did not increase from the last 12 months, which he said was “cause for concern”.

“An advice practice needs to invest time, resources and capital in AdviceTech to keep up and get ahead of the game,” he said.

“It takes commitment beyond good intentions – a plan backed by resources and championed by senior leadership.”

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It's a problem caused by the dominance of the big four banks and independent advice falling away over the years.

Unfortunately red tape and compliance makes it difficult. Most Advisers are licensed by large institutions and so must follow their processes. What is logical and efficient and would ultimately provide better outcomes for all is not acceptable in this licensing system.

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