Software perks for planners and accountants

Advisers and accountants will now be able to manage client data, wealth, and business portfolios on one platform following the release of cloud-based technology solution, Xeppo, by Adelaide-based financial services firm, Perks.

Managing director Mark Roderick said that the new solution from Perks aimed to provide advisers with a full overview of client activity, as well as helping to effectively manage data in a digitised workplace.

"Most people would love to have all their key financial details in the one place and up to the minute easy access...Xeppo gives an adviser a complete view of individual client accounts," he said.

"It is a great outcome for clients, providing one simplistic portal which integrated all their financial affairs.

"The management of financial data in a digital world requires a trusted system."

Roderick said that the cloud-based technology behind Xeppo, a joint venture with ICT partner Opex Technoloy, offered similar functionalities as customer relations management tools. It would also eliminate the need for clients to speak with multiple consultants across specialised fields.

"This also means firms can now manage leads and opportunities across all their business lines as opposed to working across silos," he said, calling the previous process an inefficient one.

"It's about bringing all the data together to enable the financial adviser, planner or accountant to leverage information to deliver the best possible outcome for their client."

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