SMSF accountants looking to mFund

A growing number of SMSF accountants have turned their attention to managed funds via the Australian Securities Exchange's (ASX's) mFund offering.

According to a OneVue and Investment Trends survey of more than 1200 accountants, 13 per cent plan to start using mFund for clients' funds.

"The findings are significant because mFund only recently commenced operation, and already 13 per cent

of SMSF accountants say they're likely to use it. We expect this trend will continue as more accountants

become familiar with the service," OneVue Head of Client and Product Strategies Alex Wise said.

From the surveyed cohort, more than half of those who currently use mFund said they intended to increase their usage, the report showed.

mFund was launched in May 2014. OneVue was a founding member.

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