Holding onto staff employers’ biggest challenge

10 February 2016

Finance chiefs believe their biggest challenge is holding onto key accounting staff, a survey finds.

Recruitment firm, Robert Half, revealed that 42 per cent of finance directors and chief financial officers (CFOs) were concerned about their ability to retain accounting staff, with 41 per cent also citing managing employees' workloads as a challenge.

Robert Half Asia Pacific senior managing director, David Jones, warned employers that effective management of key staff was essential for success.

"For financial leaders, retaining valued employees and managing workloads can be challenging and play a critical part in delivering growth which is their number one priority," he said.

"In order to strengthen their position in a highly competitive market, finance executives must respond to sector trends and ensure that they recruit, retain and manage their best talent effectively.

"Overworked employees are more likely to experience higher stress levels which can lead to burnouts and the decision to leave the business.

"It is therefore important that managers intervene in a timely manner by either redistributing tasks or by bringing on board an additional staff members temporarily to ensure business continuity is guaranteed."

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