Competitor accounting bodies target CPA members

One of the key competitor organisations to CPA Australia, the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) has reached out to CPA Australia members offering its services in the wake of the Professional Standards Councils announcing an end to the CPA Australia Professional Standards Scheme in October.

The IPA’s president, Damien Moore made clear that he saw the ending of the CPA Australia Professional Standards Scheme as a reason for his organisation to break its silence on the issues within CPA Australia which saw the exit of its controversial chief executive, Alex Malley.

He said the accounting profession held a significant position within the Australian community as trusted advisers, and it was for this reason the IPA had closely monitored developments within CPA Australia over many months but “declined to make comment on what has largely been an internal governance and brand issue for CPA Australia”.

“It is clear however that we can no longer remain silent following significant further developments,” Moore said 

He said the announcement from the Professional Standards Councils, advising that the CPA Australia Professional Standards Scheme would cease on 8 October 2017, represented a further direct blow to CPA Australia practitioners.

“We respect the right of the Professional Standards Councils to make their determinations in the public interest and we need to work collaboratively to provide a solution to CPA Australia members,” Moore said. “This is not about revenue raising or membership growth. This is about ensuring more than 7,000 CPA Australia practitioners have a pathway to continue to practice with confidence in the best interests of their clients.” 

“We have been actively working with the Professional Standards Council over many months and we are very keen to engage with any member of CPA Australia who will be adversely affected by this development.”

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There needs to be more details as to how IPA is determined to engage with current CPA members who are adversely affected; first of all, every member is affected, it's not only one specific group of members, it's the whole community of CPAs and unfortunately maybe the whole society of Accountants that may not be trusted and respected like they used to. Secondly, to what extend is IPA intending to engage and a better question would be "How"?

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