Nadun's story: A stroke of bad luck

2 April 2019

When you’re reasonably young and relatively health-aware, it can be easy to think that good diet and regular exercise are your best protections against ill-health. The truth, however, isn’t quite so simple. As any financial adviser knows, good health can also be a matter of luck.

‘The main idea of taking out insurance is actually to protect your family’ explains Kenneth Weerrasiri, an AIA financial adviser who’d met with Nadun Bandara and Hansika Perera to discuss the couple’s life insurance options. Heeding Kenneth’s advice, Nadun and Hansika opted to take out AIA Crisis Recovery and Income Protection. A short time later, at the age of 38, Nadun suffered a stroke.

‘When I found out he’d had a stroke, I just started to panic’ says Hansika. ‘There were lots of questions going through my mind. How had it happened? And how long it would take for him to recover?’ Fortunately, a quick call to Kenneth put Hansika’s mind at ease: the couple’s Crisis Recovery policy allowed Nadun to access the appropriate medical care, and their Income Protection meant they received financial support while Nadun took time off work to make a full recovery. ‘We had a little bit of a chit-chat’ says Kenneth, smiling. ‘Nadun told me this was the best decision he’d ever made in his life.’

As this short video shows, when it comes to making a full recovery from illness, feeling supported during difficult times can make a world of difference. To learn more about AIA’s range of health cover policies, visit





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