MLC Life Insurance and Best Doctors supporting better mental health

In Australia, approximately one in every five Australians will experience a mental health condition every year [1].

According to new research commissioned by MLC Life Insurance, a third of Australians with a mental health condition feel either overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to navigate the health care system [2]. With 7 out of 10 experiencing a negative feeling when navigating the system[3], it can be hard to know how to get the best support during this period.

Life insurers are also seeing an increase in the number of claims due to mental health conditions and are working to support customers to better mental health. At MLC Life Insurance this means helping customers receive the right help to manage and treat any mental health condition they are experiencing whether they are on claim or not.

That’s why MLC Life Insurance and Best Doctors have together launched Mental Health Navigator – a service which aims to provide a helping hand to those experiencing a mental health condition, so they can be confident about their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Mental Health Navigator is an extension of the current Best Doctors offering – a global service which connects customers and their families with a network of 50,000 leading medical specialists from Australia and around the world for a second medical opinion on physical - and now mental health conditions.

MLC Life Insurance is the only Australian life insurer to offer customers and their families access to this service for no additional cost, and without the need to make a claim.

The virtual service connects customers with a mental health nurse, who is their point of contact throughout the whole process. Within 10 days of medical records being collected, customers take part in a video consultation with a leading Australian clinical psychologist and a psychiatrist, if required. The customer receives a report with a review of their diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan to help manage their condition. Their mental health nurse assists them to put it into action over a 6 month period.

By helping customers stay well or get back to health sooner, Mental Health Navigator can have a positive impact on their lives.

As an adviser you’ve most likely had to support a customer or their family through a challenging time. Mental Health Navigator is a tangible mental health solution - a key differentiator for your business that helps you to offer additional value to not only your customers but also their families.

MLC Life Insurance is committed to helping address mental health conditions in Australia by ensuring customers and their families have access to the right support and advice from Australian medical specialists when they need it most. This is part of the life insurer’s broader focus to not only protect customers financially, but also support their health and wellbeing.

MLC Life Insurance has partnered with Best Doctors since 2009 and offers the new mental health service to over 800,000 eligible life insurance customers and their immediate families effective from May this year.

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MLC Limited uses the MLC brand under licence. MLC Limited is part of the Nippon Life Insurance Group and not a part of the NAB Group of Companies. MLC Life Insurance, operated by MLC Limited ABN 90 000 000 402 AFSL 230694, is a specialised life insurance business.


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