How does DMKT work?

AMP Capital’s Head of Dynamic Markets, Nader Naeimi says investors and advisers spend a lot of time picking stocks, but what they don’t do enough of is use asset allocation expertise as a source of value add.

By focusing on a long term objective, short term noise and emotions are taken out of the investment process. Value can be added by using data and signals to manage the asset allocation process, according to AMP Capital.

Naeimi shares how Australia's first actively managed, multi-asset fund that’s traded on the ASX can benefit advisers and investors.

Here's everything you need to know about how the Dynamic Markets Fund (Hedge Fund) ASX: DMKT works, in under four minutes. 

For more, see part three - how to capitalise on opportunities and part four - how the current global events have created additional opportunities. 

Or to learn more about DMKT click here.

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AMP capital dynamic markets fund has ASX listing but can I buy shares directly through a trading platform like Commsec or 'Etrade' ?

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