Applying for an AFSL? Take an RM training course that sets you up for success.

The devil is in the detail when you become a Responsible Manager 

There has been significant growth in recent years of advisers moving to privately owned licensees. This includes advisers making the move to become self-licensed. While the larger licensees still account for the majority of adviser numbers, there are significant numbers of smaller boutique licensees.

When leaving the relative ‘safety’ of a larger licensee, whether that is institutionally owned or affiliated or another larger dealer group, many advisers are seeking greater control and flexibility, and may also be driven by dissatisfaction with offerings from traditional licensees.

The challenge when striking out on your own can be keeping up to date with rapid regulatory change and appreciating compliance obligations. Having and maintaining an AFS licence comes with added responsibility and costs a lot in time and money, but with the right support can be incredibly rewarding.

They say the devil is in the detail – which is where our RM half day workshop can help you better understand some of the more complex costs and responsibilities of obtaining and running your own AFSL.

Ryan Goodfellow, National Growth Manager, and Nicole Alexander, Professional Standards Consultant Manager at Centrepoint Alliance, have designed and created a face-to-face RM training session for aspiring AFSL holders that have been thinking about making the move to self-licensing.

Unlike other AFSL workshops you may have attended, Ryan and Nicole bring years of industry experience to provide you with first-hand knowledge they’ve obtained helping advisers make the transition from dealer groups to self-licensing.

Make sure to register today for our Melbourne or Sydney workshop as places are almost exhausted.

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