AIA Australia brings global support to local care

1 May 2020

For most people, a diagnosis of ill-health is the start of a frightening, stressful and confusing time for them and their loved ones. While modern medicine tends to offer reassurance, options and hope, choosing the right treatment option from the bewildering variety available can itself be a source of anxiety and confusion.

In situations such as these, having a trusted medical professional to liaise and consult with a global network of health specialists, confirm a diagnosis and advise on an optimal treatment plan, can offer great support to the clients of financial advisers.


Introducing Medix

AIA Australia is partnering with Medix, a global healthcare management company that specialises in world-class support for those dealing with serious illness. From 1 May 2020, AIA Australia’s customers, including AIA Health Insurance, and/or individual life, TPD, trauma or income protection customers, will have complimentary access to the Medix Personal Medical Case Management service.

With 300 in-house doctors and a quality accredited international network of more than 4,000 medical specialists and 2,000 medical centres, Medix currently operates in more than 90 countries and has over four million customers.


How Medix works

Medix’ sole focus is on providing its customers with access to the best personalised care for their treatment and recovery. When a customer engages Medix to act on their behalf, Medix begins by appointing a local case management team, headed by a local registered medical practitioner (the case manager) and a supporting nurse.

The case manager consults with a global network of leading specialists working across multiple disciplines, collating a comprehensive report of their professional evaluations of the diagnosis and the best treatment options. Next, they discuss the report with the customer and their treating doctor, helping them decide on their preferred course of action.


Support that stays the course

Of course, issues and anxieties can arise beyond the doctor’s office, which is why Medix continues to support its customers during their treatment. As a customer’s treatment progresses, their dedicated case team is on hand around the clock to address any questions the customer might have, to manage their medical appointments, and to provide them with emotional support as required.

When it comes to more specialist support, such as translating medical terminology or helping with the management of side-effects, the case manager is there to provide support and up-to-date information. As at February 2020, globally, Medix has recommended preferable treatment options in 43 per cent of cases it reviewed. In 55 per cent of cases it prevented unnecessary consultations, procedures, treatment and surgery*.


The customer in control

AIA Australia’s customers are under no obligation to use Medix, nor to accept any of the recommendations. Medix will handle a customer’s personal information in accordance with Australian privacy laws, and AIA Australia will never share a customer’s medical information with Medix unless the customer has given their consent.

AIA Australia’s partnership with Medix is all about helping its customers live healthier, longer, better lives, offering great value in the unfortunate event that they need to make a claim. The comprehensive medical support Medix can bring should help alleviate some of the stress and pressure on customers who are unwell and their families, giving them confidence in the medical care they are receiving and providing them with the best possible support during their medical journey. Commenting on AIA’s exclusive Asia-Pacific regional partnership with Medix, Ng Keng Hooi, AIA's Executive Director and Group Chief Executive and President, noted that “This strategic partnership with Medix exemplifies our leadership role in driving economic and social development across the region. It demonstrates our pledge to go beyond the traditional, passive insurance business model by becoming an integral part of our customers’ life journey.”

For more information on Medix and other support resources available to AIA Australia customers, please get in touch with your AIA Australia CDM or contact Medix on (03) 9115 9808 or by emailing [email protected].


*Medix Internal Reporting (Global Average), current as at February 2020.

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