Embodying the core of digital transformation

For Marielle Yeoh, being at the forefront of the introduction and expansion of electronic conveyancing in Australia has truly reflected her innovation agenda to “push the boundaries to make life simpler.”

The Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) chief financial services officer, who is the recipient of this year’s IT Innovator award received praise from category judges for her ability to position herself at the centre of change, and her commitment to excellence and her success as an industry pioneer.

Since joining PEXA in 2013, Yeoh has led a series of integration efforts that have brought about the first national electronic conveyancing solution in the Australian financial services market, an achievement she said had been the first major change for the conveyancing industry in more than a century.

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“The process to transfer a property in Australia hasn’t changed for 150 years.  Securely transferring a property from one owner to another is so important to the financial services sector, the Australian economy and to the security of the property owner,” she said.

“The collaboration space that I have had the privilege of creating has encouraged the banks to work together to push new boundaries and transform the way property is transacted in Australia.”

Yeoh told Money Management she felt it was vital for women to continue to innovate for progress in both the industry and wider society, quoting post-classical Greek mathematician and inventor, Hypatia of Alexandria.

“She is known to have said ‘reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all,’ [and] to me this is the essence of innovation, just explore,” Yeoh said.

“Having other female leaders and role models are much needed within the finance industry and in broader society.”

Moving forward, Yeoh said one of her chief foci would be expanding her knowledge of current technology trends.

“While I am a keen adopter of the agile working methodology I am interested in learning more about how to further accelerate the adoption of this methodology with our customers and business partners,” she said.

“I plan on developing a deeper understanding of the trends such as robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and their possible application in business. 

“I am proud to be an advocate for women innovating in financial services, this is a role I would like to continue to play.”

Yeoh began her career with ANZ in Melbourne, before spending seven years across a variety of roles with National Australia Bank (NAB).


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