FinTech Platforms & Wraps Conference

Australia’s ‘must attend’ event for wealth management executives focused on the upcoming regulatory changes and the emerging technology and innovation trends shaping the market today.

Arguably the largest and most prestigious event on the wealth management executive’s calendar, this event will bring together key decision-makers from the industry including CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and Divisional Heads. The conference will provide unparalleled networking opportunities for delegates and drive dynamic conversation around the opportunities and challenges shaping the market today. This will also enable attendees to map out tomorrow's innovative advancements in business-enabled technology.

Event Details

Date:        Wednesday 2 August - Friday 4 August 2017 
Location:  RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast
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2nd August 2017 12:30pm - 6:00pm

Networking Golf

DAY 1 - 3rd August 2017 8:30am



Welcome Address by Conference Chair


Investment Trends: The Evolving Role of Platforms in the Planning Practice

  • Are platforms and wraps keeping pace with expectations?
  • Who are the top-performers?
  • Next generation platforms
  • Where does fintech and technology development come into play?

Speaker: Michael Blomfield, Chief Executive Officer, Investment Trends


The Modern Managed Account – Allowing Advisers to Unlock a Client-Centric and Scalable Advice Offer

The modern managed account adapts to individual client needs, while supporting advisers to construct, implement and manage client portfolios in an efficient and scalable way.

Speaker: Sue Wallace, Executive Manager, IFA Strategy Program, Colonial First State


Panel: Dealer Groups’ Insights

  • What new administration technology and support solutions will dominate the market in the next 12 months? Where are the growth areas to focus on?
  • What are advisers expecting in terms of user experience and functionality? What are platforms doing differently to meet this need?
  • The swing towards fintech and self-directed investment alternatives – does having open architecture service platform matter?
  • Are platforms lessening need for planning software?
  • Are more planners using software such as Class, XPLAN, Advisor Logic and not using platforms?

Moderator: Mike Taylor, Managing Editor, Money Management


Grahame Evans, Managing Director, GPS Wealth
Neil Younger, Managing Director & Group CEO, Fortnum Financial Advisers
John de Zwart, Managing Director, Centrepoint Alliance Board
Annick Donat, Chief Executive, Madison Financial Group


Morning Tea


International Keynote Presentation: No Robots, No Advice: Digital Engagement and Client Relationships

  • When is advice, advice, and when is it something else? How the US and UK markets have evolved, and how Australia measures up
  • If we build it will anyone notice – lessons in engagement from other territories
  • I’m a robot, you’re a robot, we’re all robots now – what the future looks like

Speaker: Mark Polson, Founder, the lang cat ltd


Demystifying the Technology behind Fintech

  • Illustrating technology required to take advantage of Fintech
  • The implications for your business and what you should be asking your vendors

Speaker: John Burke, Head of Strategic Engagements, Bravura Solutions


Two Roads to A Single Destination

  • Managed accounts – platforms meet investment management
  • Expose yourself – delivering your investment philosophy through managed accounts
  • Choice abounds – what are the pros and cons?
  • Pick a partner – important things to consider

Speaker: Russell Brinckley, National Manager, Product Development, BT Financial Group


Networking Lunch


ASIC Update on Regulation and Compliance

  • Updates on regulatory guidance relevant to platforms and managed accounts
  • Issues affecting advisers in updated MDA regulation 
  • Regulatory reforms and impact on fintech start-ups

Speaker: Ged Fitzpatrick, Senior Executive Leader, Investment Managers and Superannuation, ASIC


The Netwealth 2017 AdviceTech Survey: How will Technology Spur Advice Practices in the Future?

Netwealth will present findings from their recent survey of over 200 independent financial advisers, examining the current and future usage of technology in advice practices

Speaker: Steve Thomas, Head of Managed Accounts - Strategy & Development, netwealth


The Rise and Rise of Managed Accounts – How to Leverage this Boom

  • Navigating challenges in shifting to managed account structures and ensuring value-adding advice practices
  • MDA versus SMA: How can platform providers, planners and advice businesses reap maximum benefits from both?
  • Changes in MDA regulations and what’s in store for the platforms and advisers in the next 6-12 months

Speaker: Toby Potter, Chair, IMAP


Afternoon Tea


Debate: Platform and Technology

Davids vs the Goliaths (and each other?). Is it as simple as the quality of the slingshots? How important and how hard is it to constantly innovate and upgrade? This moderated session will feature a discussion and debate about the future of platforms from two of the successful newer platforms. We will seek to stretch our speakers and explore many factors such as:

  • Nimbleness vs scale
  • Nimbleness vs nimbleness
  • How constant must the innovation be?
  • Blockchain and platforms – friend or foe?
  • What makes success and how do you maintain the rage? After all, Confucius say person who rests on laurels soon knocked on rear. 
  • How hard is competing against the other new and nimble players? 
  • Are advisers really getting the best out of technology for their clients and the operations of their practices? 
  • Are clients starting to get noticeably more demanding and more engaged with platforms?
  • How does all this this impact the future for advisers? 

Moderator: Paul Harding-Davis, Principal, PHD Management Consulting Pty Ltd

Discussion Panellist:

  • Steve Thomas, Head of Managed Accounts - Strategy & Development, netwealth
  • Wes Gillett, Head of Marketing and Distribution, Hub24


Fintech Panel

  • How are fintechs progressing in the wealth management market
  • What will be the ultimate distinguishing value for fintechs?
  • Looking at the next steps of growth and expansion
  • Opportunities and strategies to collaborate with banks and major players

Moderator: Paul Harding-Davis, Principal, PHD Management Consulting Pty Ltd


  • Harry Chemay, Co-Founder & CEO, Clover
  • Rick Klink, Executive Director / Head of Technology, OpenMarkets​
  • Sid Sahgal, Chief Executive Officer, Macrovue
  • Dilip Sankarreddy, Chief Executive Officer, QuietGrowth


Closing Remarks and Day 1 Wrap-up

6:30pm – 10:00pm

Conference Dinner

DAY 2 - 4th August 2017 8:30am



Welcome Address by Conference Chair


Panel: Consolidation or Expansion: M&As and the Future of the Wealth Industry

  • How will the sell-out and acquisition of wealth businesses by major bank players shake and shape the wealth industry?
  • The future of platforms and wraps market – what do financial advisers want?
  • Opportunities in new operational models and where does technology come into play
  • Badges and alternative revenue streams for licensees

Moderator: Mike Taylor, Managing Editor, Money Management


  • Indy Singh, Managing Director, Fiducian
  • Jonathan Hoyle, Chief Executive Officer, Stanford Brown
  • Paul Harding-Davis, Principal, PHD Management Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Paul McGivern, Director Business Benchmarking Services, Comparator


Moderated Discussion

The major platform players continue to invest millions of dollars to the continuing development and improvement of their platforms, with Westpac/BT being viewed as a stand-out for the level of its investment in Panorama. Mike Taylor will interview the major players, including BT and CFS about the level of their continuing investment, the likelihood of any technology game-changers and, given the rise and rise of some smaller players, whether they are still extracting an appropriate return on investment.

Moderator: Mike Taylor, Managing Editor, Money Management

Discussion Panellist:

  • Kelly Power, Head of Platforms, BT Financial Group
  • Sue Wallace, Executive Manager, IFA Strategy Program, Colonial First State


Panel: Lifting Platform Administration Efficiency and Performance

  • On-platform versus off-platform: Is the industry trending towards off-platform? How will this impact operation, administration and compliance?
  • Integrating platform administration and SMSF administration
  • Pressure of margin compression and what this means for dealer groups when it comes to scaling the business

Moderator: Paul Harding-Davis, Principal, PHD Management Consulting Pty Ltd


  • Michael Butler, National Compliance Manager, Interprac Financial Planning
  • Eugene Ardino, Chief Executive Officer, Lifespan Financial Planning
  • Angus McLeod, Chairman, AdviceIQ & Portfolio IQ
  • Alan Dunne, Chief Information Officer, Fiducian


Morning Tea


On-Stage Interview: Enhancing Adviser’s Back-office and Middle-office Administration Process Efficiency

  • Emerging technologies that are crucial to improve operational efficiency and client experience
  • How to innovate traditional platforms technologies to succeed in a disruptive wealth management market
  • Working together with fintech start-ups
  • Data Management and data feeds
  • Revenue management
  • Compliance management and reporting

Interviewer: Mike Taylor, Managing Editor, Money Management

Interviewee: Daniel Gara, Head of Product Development, AdviserLogic


Panel: Making Platforms More User-friendly for Planners

  • How platforms can better support planners in client-centric, goal-based financial advice
  • What functionalities will be most crucial for planners in the next 12 months?
  • Providing greater transparency and control for advisers and clients
  • Helping licensees with revenue management and compliance

Moderator: Mike Taylor, Managing Editor, Money Management


  • Annick Donat, Chief Executive Officer, Madison Financial Group
  • Paul McGivern, Director Business Benchmarking Services, Comparator
  • Dr Hillary Ray, Partner, Cowell Clarke
  • Luke Grbin, Head of Client Operations, Fiducian  


Closing Remarks and Conclusion


Networking Lunch