Christian super funds announce merger

Boutique ethical investment fund Christian Super has announced it will merge with super provider for churches Australian Christian Super. 

The merged funds will represent around 25,000 members, many of whom are ministers and full time Christian workers. 

Christian Super has over 21,000 members across churches, not for profit organisations, Christian ministries and businesses. 

“This decision to merge with Christian Super has occurred after many months of discussion,” director of Australian Christian Super Scott Haslem said. 

“It makes sense given the strong values alignment particularly through ethical investment.” 

Both the funds exercised negative screening in their ethical investment of companies involved in gambling, tobacco, gaming, sex industry, pornography and armaments. 

They also screened out companies in violation of human rights, the environment and occupational health and safety. 

The $100 million Australian Christian Super will merge with Christian Super, which has $850 million funds under management, on 1 October this year.

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