Lonsec adds AB fund to core model portfolios

Ratings and research house, Lonsec has added AllianceBernstein's (AB's) managed volatility equities fund to its core model portfolios.

AB confirmed its product had been added by Lonsec today, with its Australian chief executive, Jen Driscoll saying she believed it reflected the excellent performance of the fund since inception and confidence in the fund's investment team.

"The recognition is also timely, in our view, given global market uncertainty about the medium and long-term effects of trade and economic policies expected to be implemented by the incoming US administration," she said.

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"This uncertainty strengthens our expectation that market volatility will persist, and the fund is designed to soften the effect of volatility on investors' portfolios. Its addition to the Lonsec model will greatly assist in raising awareness of its potential benefits among advisers and investors."

According to AB, the fund, which invested mainly in shares listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), was designed for equity investors seeking lower volatility, reduced downside risk in falling equity markets and the potential for long-term capital growth and some income, including franked Australian dividend income.

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