Securitor social media push to speak to planners and clients

Securitor has rolled out a group-wide social media capability, with plans to use the platforms for professional development and technical training as well as providing a further point of contact with clients. 

Securitor managing director Matt Englund says all 470 financial planners in the group will be given access to social media through Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, with the 350 planners operating under Securitor’s Licensee Select also being offered access. 

Englund said the development of the social media strategy came off the back of planners already using social media and would likely be implemented over time across the other advisory groups within the BT Financial Group. 

“We have used the scale and resources of the group to develop the strategy and we now have the capability, so it is something we are likely to expand on in time as it offers a way to communicate with our planners and for our planners to communicate with their clients.” 

Englund said many Securitor planners were interested in social media and saw it as useful, but they were looking for direction on how to use it efficiently and in a timely manner. As a result of this interest Securitor has put in place protocols around what content planners should be posting to social media as well as sources of content that are relevant to clients. 

“I think many advisers have been wondering about social media and wanting to get involved, but have not known how.  

“The aim is for planners to use social media as a business tool. They are in a relationship and service-based business and we want them to see it as an addendum,” Englund said. 

The launch follows last month’s rollout of a 'Facts and Figures’ app to provide planners with current information for client meetings and to provide better client communication.

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