IRESS announces ClearView selection of XPLAN platform

Objectives-based, scaled-advice solution XPLAN Prime is the solution of choice for Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-listed insurance and financial advice group ClearView as it looks to meet a wider range of client needs, according to IRESS.

IRESS managing director for wealth management, Tizzy Vigilante said XPLAN Prime was suitable for many businesses which provided financial advice and would benefit ClearView with its provision of better service options.

“Advisers and financial institutions are seeking greater flexibility in how they can meet the changing needs of their clients, while at the same time ensuring business efficiency, personalisation and advice quality,” she said.

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“Consumers everywhere are increasingly seeking more options in what financial advice they receive and how advice is accessed for specific or comprehensive needs.”

The adoption of XPLAN Prime by ClearView was a further extension on the IRESS/ClearView technology partnership, with ClearView already utilising IRESS’ backoffice and superannuation platform solutions.

“Prime will enable our advisers to deliver advice to more clients efficiently. The technology will do a great deal of the grunt work,” said ClearView chief executive of Matrix Planning Solutions, Todd Kardash.

“Advisers increasingly rely on technology and we have worked very closely with IRESS to ensure our advice platform delivers an excellent experience for our clients [and] the addition of Prime means we can take this even further.”

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