CBA changes teller incentives

The Commonwealth Bank has taken another step in its campaign to restore its public image, announcing changes to the it remunerates frontline staff.

The big banking group claimed today the changes would see frontline staff being rewarded for delivering better customer outcomes, not financial outcomes.

Announcing the changes, Commonwealth Bank executive general manager, Angus Sullivan insisted that any links to financial measures had been abolished.

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“This change will reward our tellers for continuing to provide superior service to the millions of customers we serve around the country,” he said. “We have been listening to our customers and this is another step to ensure banking is fairer, simpler and more transparent. Customers can be confident that our tellers are not being paid to sell them products.”

The bank said the new measures would be backdated to 1 July 2017, the start of the current CBA performance period, removing all financial measures from individual performance and that, in addition, close to 200 Bankwest branch tellers would also move onto a customer-focused remuneration structure from 1 October 2017, the start of the Bankwest performance period.


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Sales isn't a dirty word, it is part of capitalism. All this politically correct left wing bs is destroying our country, and we're the imbecile's sitting quietly watching it happen.

For a nation that in the 80's held the promise to be able to lead the world in so many areas, we've fallen and failed miserably, and mostly because of the mind police and sensitive new age crud that has permeated society.

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