BTFG strengthen ethics through program

BT Financial Group (BTFG) is putting its advisers and leaders through The Ethics Centre’s Ethical Professional Program to formalise ethical awareness, education, and training of its people.

BTFG general manager for advice, Mark Spiers, said the industry needed to get ethics and behaviour right to shape and lift the culture across the advice industry.

“This is a strong step towards formalising where the industry is going ahead of the new professional standards due in 2019,” Spiers said.

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“Not only will the program support our advisers, but importantly it will help to lift consumer trust in the value of advice and their confidence in financial advice as a noble profession.”

Commenting, The Ethics Centre executive general manager, Ed St John, said: “Ethics are our most effective watchdog. The more we talk, think, dissect and practice, the more we see the rewards across business, behaviours and decision making”.

The first 500 BTFG advisers and leaders would complete the course by 30 June 2017.

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