Outsider intends holding court

Outsider usually finds change challenging and quite distasteful but he must admit enjoying his move from Money Management's long-time home in Sydney’s Chatswood to the hustle-bustle of the Sydney Central Business District.

Why? Because Outsider has discovered that from his elegant new office, he can venture across Martin Place and sip coffee at the Westin while observing many of the denizens of the financial planning and funds management industry.

Indeed, Outsider discovered this happy happenstance on just his second day working at Martin Place when he strolled into what is likely to be his favourite café to discover no fewer than three fund managers and a dealer group head discussing the events of the day.

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He was equally delighted to note the number of Macquarie Bankers who seemed to be traversing the area, suggesting that the Outsider can now tell his boss that time spent infusing caffeine is time extremely well spent.

Outsider is currently negotiating with the proprietors of the aforementioned coffee-making establishment for priority use of a particular table – one which affords this elderly scribe a discreet view of who is talking to whom and, perhaps, why.

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