New career paths for Outsider and financial advisers

A new niche reporting career path has been opened to Outsider’s eyes – financial advisers competing on reality TV. 

This epiphany came about when Outsider watched yet another adviser compete on a reality TV show the other day.

In this particular show, Outsider watched Sydney ANZ financial adviser, James Trethewie, reign as the ‘manliest’ contestant after a series of challenges. 

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The challenges included Trethewie attempting to plank the longest, be part of a group that changed four tyres the fastest, and to build a flatpack cupboard the fastest in a group of two. 

But the adviser really wowed the other contestants and viewers when he thrashed the runner up in a fire building contest. The runner up barely got a spark.

Outsider will unashamedly reveal that the TV show in question was The Bachelorette in which Trethewie is one of 22 men vying for Sophie Monk’s love.

Outsider wonders how many ‘manly’ financial advisers there are out there, if they read Money Management, and if he’ll be able to spot any potential reality TV contestants at this week’s AFA conference.

Maybe Outsider will one day watch a show in which financial adviser reality stars compete against each other – there is definitely a growing pool of them to start this show soon. 

Perhaps REST can sponsor this show as well.

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