How golfing acumen drives the bottom line

There’s nothing Outsider enjoys more than an early departure from the office on a Friday afternoon, followed by his customary sally onto the golf course.

Outsider once felt the primary benefit of this routine was breathing in some out-of-office air of the natural sort whilst maintaining acquaintance with other “gentlemen of a golfing disposition”, but it seems AMP has another theory. Outsider was most amused and perhaps just a little smug to stumble upon research from the company which said golfers ranked as the best savers ahead of those who engaged in what he deems to be lesser sports – chiefly all others.

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The supposed strong correlation between how Australians engage in sport and how successfully they manage their finances may seem a little far-fetched to those not in Outsider’s sporting ring, but let there be no doubt that Outsider took comfort in being able to tell Mrs O that his skills on the green could in fact be boosting his retirement prospects. 

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