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This is why I'm not so sure the AFA and FPA joining the insurers in that new CALI group is a good idea.

The FSC are not supporters of advice. They are, at best, suppliers. And like any other supplier that forgets who their customer is, they are feeling the consequences of over-stepping the mark.

I'll never understand the eagerness with which this industry bends over backwards to accommodate the self-interested whims of our suppliers.

They're not our partners, they're not our friends, they're not our supporters, they're not comrades in the glorious struggle to bring insurance to the masses.

They're cold-blooded, mercenary companies focused on securing distribution for the product they're supplying (badly, incidentally - I struggle to think of a cartel of greater collective ineptitude in this country).

Which is fine.

But why do we advisers keep pretending otherwise?