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It's nice to see some push back.

I am very tired of being made to feel like I'm some sort of 'Huckster' for being a financial adviser. Especially when I became an AR because of FOFA as I saw an opportunity to have a career considered as noble, rewarding and something to be proud of over the long term.

Every profession in Australia surely has their Max Bialystock's and Leo Bloom's. (I'd be surprised if they didn't!)
I'm sure everyone here can cobble up a few names who found their way into the papers from the medical, accounting and legal professions without too much trouble. (Let's not do this here).

The behaviour of these types of characters should be called out. Quite rightly there should be intervention upon those who do the wrong thing. However it is most unfair to paint the profession as a collective with such negative sentiment by suggesting this improper behaviour is systemic when it is not.

In my opinion, the media world can and must do better. Our representative bodies need to challenge media assertions more (something we've been beginning to see). This might make someone think a bit harder before they publish their next article.

Perhaps in the future, perhaps a very distant one - I won't have to come on this website (a good website by the way) and not leave feeling depressed.