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Speak for yourself. Many of us have been writing to Government ministers and FASEA. If you haven't been doing so, get on board. You might be surprised. Occasionally they read and even reply. We can't rely on our professional bodies. They are filled with lap dogs, who are using their position as a stepping stone, so they won't ruffle feathers even when our very existence is at threat. If we stay silent, the pollies will think we are ok and FASEA will think they are getting away with it. Write, write write, emails, letters...imagine if everyone who posts on here wrote a corresponding letter and sent it to Hume, Glenfield or their local minister & senator. One letter won't make a difference, but thousands of letters from thousands of different advisers that keep coming will get their attention. The exam delay proves they are aware of problems, so we must keep going and expose FASEA and ASIC for the damage they are doing to our great profession