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I want to see actual examples of this. We are so hogtied at the moment who in thier right mind would spruik early release, and in the knowledge any advice pertaining to it can only attract a $300 fee? It does not meet any sort of logical test. Every licencee is auditing thier advisers in terms of the new coa at the moment. Advisers cannot advertise without licencee sign off, and there is no way stuff like this would be signed off. Advisers have to put way too much work in to lose everything for charging someone $300 for a early release. With fds, opt in, etc you dont just charge ongoing fees to anyone willy nilly. No, somethings not right about this release, it lacks way too much detail, these types of announcements need to be more detailed, name names and companies so we know they arent just gilding the lily to feather thier own nest. I would love to have enough money to sue one of these people, take them to the high court and make them prove these accusations.