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So now ASIC are concerned about advice Real Estate agents may be providing to their clients ?????
This has been going on for years and years....not investigated, not persecuted...just left to run wild.
How about blatant Real Estate advertisements for properties that boldly claim
" Fantastic Investment Opportunity for your Super Fund " !!!....compared to what ?
It doesn't matter what it's compared to......we just want to sell the it's a fantastic opportunity !!
ASIC have focused much of their effort in attacking and destroying hard working and ethical advisers and have done nothing about other sectors at all.
They are biased, discriminatory and inherently vindictive.
They are also completely out of control and drunk with power and resources.
It's no wonder they don't go after industry super funds or their advisers when their default option for employees is Australian Super.
I would like ASIC to confirm how many of their employees benefited from the Qantas frequent flyer deal and if Qantas is the preferred airline for ASIC related flights ?
An absolute disgrace and the Govt is shit scared to do anything because ASIC are in control of the Govt right now.