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Jefferson, you made many statements in your post. This one "There are a lot of greedy, dumb and self interested advisers out there that still think it is the 90's. Switch super to a vertically aligned product and use the basis for their advice increased diversification" stands out and as you have asserted Advisers are "Greedy" and really, you said it "Dumb",
I would like to ask you - what are your qualifications to make this statement considering you "using you also said "Switch super to a vertically aligned product and use the basis for their advice increased diversification..". Do you have any investment training or have you, as it appears have the regulators, assumed that diversification is worthless and the opposition (AKA Industry Super or the "non aligned" one stop shop for Intra Fund Advice, Product Advice and Product sales it appears) have better performance. Have you ever read a PDS of say Host Plus? I can't imagine placing a client into Host Plus, but I would find it difficult justify moving then out of Host Plus due to audits and assumptions the audit process brings to the process. Really, what client completes a risk profile at Host Plus Asset allocation? Not many in my experience.
Have a read of this article as I don't have the time to explain what diversification is to you right now..
Additionally, the "Ongoing service fees" you mention have zero to do with a "review" as though who have been through the "fee for no service look back" will tell you. Service is not part of a review - a review is advice and service no matter how much was performed is not relevant.
If you want to start on "fees for no service" lets talk about "Intra Fund Advice fees", charge to all, no requirement to provide and charged ongoing, and the Advice is not actually Advice.
Your audit checklist is a very narrow set of questions which basically means the Adviser is not able to use diversification to move someone and the unspoken rule seems to be that the regulator wants peoples super in the Industry Funds as they appear to have better returns and lower fees. But have you actually done any research into the investments of Industry Super? Probably not.