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goes to show you how much contempt they have for financial planners. friends this is painful to admit but the view of all stakeholders including professional associations, lawyers working in financial services, lawyers not working in financial services, consumer interest groups, vested interested, bank fat cats, dealer group fat heads, dealer group compliance people, paraplanners, business owners of paraplanning services companies and all and sundry think :

a. financial planners are lowly qualified criminals
b. would sell their grandmother and put her entire savings into an abalone farm
c. blood sucking leeches

i think we have to accept our position being the above then work back to repair our image.

however, just like this virus, I think it will get much much worse before it gets better.

I think we will have to do 5 SoA's per client rather than 1, I mean it will get that hard, most of us struggle to get out of bed each day so I am bracing for even more regulations to come. they won't stop until we vomit blood.

imagine the confusion when the product issuers also contact clients for opt-in wtf the client is just going to give up leaving us in the lurch as they can't be bothered dealing with so many hassles