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Interesting perspective.
Is it better to act on the client's request in these current circumstances or is it better to tell the client their request is not in their best interest and refuse to act. ?
The client calls to instruct the adviser to do something. The client believes their decision is in their best interest.
The adviser says I cant talk to you until I complete a full assessment and put forward a recommendation.
The client states they don't want a recommendation, they want the adviser who has looked after their affairs for 10 years to act on their instruction.
The adviser states they will have to issue a document to the client stating they have not recommended the action and that it was the clients decision to enact the alteration.
The client says they will effectively cease the relationship if the adviser does not act on their instruction immediately.
The request is extremely time and circumstantially sensitive.
The adviser has done nothing wrong, other than refuse to act or to follow the ridiculous compliance procedures expected.
This is how life works....not from an ideologically warm and fuzzy academic perspective crowing on and on about the ethical nature of whether the adviser should or should not act.
This about a servant and master relationship and the master is the client.
Get this stuffed up system fixed before it destroys the whole fabric of what an adviser/client relationship is all about.