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Ever heard of private equity? Ever heard of people owning their own home? Ever heard of the Future Fund having unlisted investments of around 30%. Ever heard of unlisted property trusts? Ever realised that high wealth individuals tend to own a lot of unlisted assets? Ever heard of art being unlisted assets as well as art? How about precious stones, metals, collectables - heard of these?

Unlisted assets are sold by auction or trade - just like your house. Lots of things are sold off the stock markets.

Ever heard of Mr Market? The stock markets are not perfect trading hubs offering unbiased buys and sells. The stock markets create booms based on totally unrealistic evaluations - likewise with the crashes. Listed assets are no more virtuous than unlisted assets in the manner of evaluations.

Now if you are against unlisted assets for some anti-union thing then that is okay. But if you are a financial adviser, then unlisted assets should be in your trade to help clients.

I agree with you that now is the time for financial advisers to show their wares and to help their clients through these constrained times.

The financial advice industry must state and promote its merit and not expect others to do it. The Prime Minister, Treasurer and others have more important matters to worry about than the ego of the financial advice industry.