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I have never in my career helped more people in the last 2 weeks. Our volume is through the roof and an 80 hour work week was put it in so I could help as many people as I could . People don't want to wait and cannot wait for you to produce ROAs and SoAs etc, they want advice and they need it right now. Sadly, helping is to the detriment of myself. Because of the govnerment, helping in such am environment exposes me to uncapped personal liability . It is simply not feasible to write file notes, produce compliance documents and do everything this compliance framework requires in such stressed environment and with such desperate demand. It is IMPOSSIBLE. With this kind of volume and with the stakes so high all you can do is put your head down and do whatever you can for your clients, file notes be damned. One day I fear for myself because my clients files will never be able to reflect the amazing work I've done in this period as one cannot file notes 4 or five one hour conversations a day and run your business. Rather a clipboard bearing bureaucrat will come into my life,accuse me of non compliance and ruin my life. I hope this event absolutely derails the govts reform agenda, because our broken nation is going to need affordable advice more than ever, and if the McCarthyism doesn't stop there's going to be no affordable sector servicing these people.