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SD, not sure if you actually know what you are saying as technically, you seem a little out of your depth. If you are just making a "motherhood" statement, then please, say so.
In my world, "Ongoing Service Agreements" where for just that - but that no longer meets the Sole Purpose test so, any ongoing fees from Super or Pension can not include any element of "service". Therefore, the wonderful ASIC had a "look Back" to 2008 (well beyond 7 years required for record keeping as stated by ASIC in questioning at the RC) call "Fee for no Service" but as I explained, service is NOT included - no they tell us. The only thing that counts is Advice and "Advice" must be given to satisfy the "Fee for no Service" look-back audit.

So, when you say "Its called an ONGOING SERVICE AGREEMENT where you actually SERVICE the client in return for the remuneration you are paid" - what on earth are you talking about?

Is it Intra "Advice" Fees which provide seem to be used to provide "General Advice" to members, which is not actually "Advice" but a "service" to provide information to members about the fund - and the fee seems to be charged to all members and no, the service is not delivered to all members each year, nor does it it seem many members use the "service" at all.