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So when will there be sufficient time to investigate Industry Super? If an investigation was conducted into Industry Super, what would you investigate? Some suggestions for your thoughts: -
- Constantly charging fees each year to provide a service but that service is not delivered to all each year if at all.
- Charging dead people - are Intra Fund Advice Fees charged to an Account after the date of death of the member?
- Asset Allocation - Growth assets are defensive - but the returns are as they keep advertising, the best of the best of the best for the longest period of time? Really?
- Any issues in the unlisted assets?
- Any issues with Sole purpose - I'm thinking QANTAS, but the list is long.
- Any "Personal Advice" be given under the don't look here "General Advice" I'm paid by the Trustee mate don't ask questions it's all good mate.
- When Personal Advice is given by a loyal employee of Industry Super or related entity, what % of recommendations is there to a related party?
Hedware, can you tell me if any of these issues have been investigated?
While we are at it, why ASIC refusing to disclose their gift register? 2018 - would love to known. Won't you?