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Hedware. not sure why your wold make the following statement "But if the financial advisory employers cant find in within themselves the capacity to offer internships to people wanting to enter the industry, then they have not learnt anything." ? What the logic behind that statement is I really don't follow.
Very few privately owned Financial Planning practices will be employing new Advisers - why would they - we are too busy pushing clients out the door not in.
One of your loves, Australian Super, has I believe over 2.2Million members (all being charged a fee for Intra Fund Advice), yet they have relatively few "Financial Advisers" but are they do have call center staff - helping to sell product. And the "Financial Advisers they do have I would suggest mainly recommend the product who pays their salary. In fact, the Industry Super model has been so successful I doubt they will see any compelling reason to change this business model. They might put on a few more directly controlled "Financial Planners" but the real money is in selling product - and call center staff with BID or compliance is more cost effective for a product manufacturer.
Can't see why anyone would spend the money training a new Financial Planner but yes, Australian Super could easily afford another 20 without much trouble - plenty of money from all those Intra Fund Advice Fees rolling in year after year after year.... with no need to provide advice.

And, if you believe the exam is easy, have a go, then you can start the process of the remaining qualifications required to be a Financial Planner.