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I didn't state that the FASEA exam was too easy, I stated that it is a waste of time and space and accomplishes nothing. In fact it proved that the majority of financial planners were up to speed in their skills and knowledge. WTF man up. ASIC freely admitted that that they held back documentation which would have demonstrated that the large majority of advisers were doing good. They extrapolated data to suit their needs to present to the Royal Commission. Therefor their was a heavy bias created against us. Let me then generalise then that you are not a self employed financial planner? Or am I wrong. I can assure you that the industry was running well prior to the Royal Commission. In my 39 years operating my own practice, I have never encountered such viciousness as displayed by Kenneth Hayne and the Royal Commission. The media frenzy and the finger pointing was absolutely disgusting. The lack of respect and humiliation of senior captains of the industry was unbearable. We are now paying for the errors of a minority and look at all the interested parties bleeding our revenue baying for more blood.. Who would want to take on the responsibility of a new graduate with the costs and risks associated if they screw up.?