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Hedware, you have not sat the exam, therefore you cant comment on it. Too easy my you know what, I studied a lot for that exam, its was not EASY. We are small businesses ( a lot of us that are left now that the banks have cut and run), we cant afford to take on a employee that will just be a cost centre for 12 months. Do you even know how much turnover a small financial planning firm with say 200 clients has? Do you know what profit margins we work on? Do you know our P and L on a annual basis? Wake up and get into the real world , seriously all your comments on here are always the same, your ivory tower dosen't give you any knowledge at all, and your comments prove a real lack of knowledge on what actually happens on the ground. Sure you know the big ticket headline stuff,and bring out these motherhood statements that are disguised as thinly veiled attacks. However that dosent translate into knowledge of day to day operations in as planning business. You know nothing of the way we work, the hurdles we have to get over. If you did understand that you would know that we advisers are also the employers, for one. The only financial planning managers in the real sense of the world left are working in your little industry funds! They are basically the only ones that can afford to take on new recruits as cost centres, as they can live off the membership fees and dont have to work for them, so they have money and time to take to train up new people. Most of the rest of us dont.