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There is no problem enforcing a professional year for new potential financial planner,s but it has been taken for granted that self employed financial planners, who have had their revenues hit through the banning of incomes from a number of sources and rising costs due to over regulation, should take on the financial burden and risk.
The Royal Commission has definitely affected our industry in a negative way beginning with banks overreacting in their lending criteria. Hayne, ASIC and both major parties, all searched for political kudos and now look at the mess we're in.. The standards of FASEA are unworkable and confusing. The exam was a waste of time and proved nothing, the Ethics and Professionalism bridging course was nothing but attempted social engineering. Ethics and humanity. Look at humanity with the panic of the toilet roll and pasta index. I know have gone into a bit of a tangent but have completed all education requirements and standards, I am able to look at things more objectively and the more I understand, the more senseless all appears to become.