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So, MySuper members will be able to pay a once off fee every year for the annual review.???
Nothing throughout the year on an ongoing drip feed basis to cover incidental advice during the year, but an annual advice fee once a year only.?
And that fee can be appropriate for the work performed throughout the year and a guesstimate of the cost of the advice for the forthcoming year ?
How hard to want make this Sally Loane ?
Why the hell don't you just get your shit together and agree with the FPA and The AFA that removing the choice of a MySuper member to either pay a once off fee or an ongoing advice fee from their account is a choice that every member should have.
Why would the FSC come out and not just support the stance form the adviser associations for once and appear to be on a united front on such an important issue ?
It's because you want to be in control of the game isn't it ?
Believe it or not the relationship is between the adviser and their client (ie the super member), it is not between the Trustee and the member in reality at all.
The FSC have been a chronic burden to the adviser community for years .
Just do something smart and support the advisers and the value of good advice for the benefit of the consumer.