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"The majority of CHOICE's funds come from its members who also get access to product reviews" = Ongoing fee clients who have access to advice. The Choice fee is not an annual fee that needs reauthorizing. If they don't get a product review for the year do they get their fee back?
"For a fee CHOICE lets companies display a 'CHOICE Recommended' logo on their products" = A product provider paying conflicted remuneration to be on an APL.
"Companies pay CHOICE to test their products" = shelf space fees.
"CHOICE gets a fee for some click through on favoured products" = Commission.
If choice change their subscription model to a set $ for each review that is downloaded and not an ongoing fee in perpetuity irrespective of if the member decides to 'access' a report or not AND buys the products they review AND allow any product they review (after buying it) to use the Choice recommended logo AND stop receiving commission for click through on products then i might listed to them. Until then it's do as i say not as i do.