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I decided to check CHOICE as to whether it takes commissions. I didn't know and this is roughly what I found.

The majority of CHOICE's funds come from its members who also get access to product reviews. No funding is provided by ASIC or partner ID. In respect to BigSwitch, in 2008 CHOICE trialled an arrangement with One Big Switch in around 2008, but this did not involve any commissions. For a fee CHOICE lets companies display a 'CHOICE Recommended' logo on their products and in ads if that product performs well. Companies pay CHOICE to test their products to understand how to make it better, safer or fairer. CHOICE gets a fee for some click through on favoured products.

Member subscriptions are not commissions. Maybe fees might be thought of as commissions.

Disclosure: I am not a member or staff of CHOICE and don't pay any fees or commissions to CHOICE.