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You are aware that intrafund advisers are beholden to FASEA and TASA standards also. They provide personal advice on a scoped level and must also produce an SoA.
Intrafund advice merely refers to the funding mechanism (that the cost of the advice is included in the admin fee with everything else members get for their money and may not utilise). For a HostPlus member for example, is it unreasonable that their $78pa includes access to strategic advice regarding their interest in the fund? How much of that $78 would have to be carved out so a member could opt out? I imagine it would be less than a dollar. Per year. The cost of administering the opt out would be higher than the savings for members.
Are these the sort of members you are worried about missing out on as clients? The is a market for different tiers of advice, and I suspect this is not yours, so why the angst?